twittering on 2008-10-12

  • OH: "duocep" #
  • watching Josh Tolley talk about PL/LOLCODE #
  • @kscaldef the slides are excellent 🙂 #JDCon #
  • Slides for LOLCODE #JDCon #
  • that is PL/LOLCODE 🙂 #
  • @atl YES, he did 🙂 he’s awesome. @eggyknap, did you hear that? ! #
  • @atl and he did not go over time. I credit a sweet laser pointer he was using. always essential when talking about LOLCATS. #
  • showing bruce how twitter search works #postgres #
  • showing bruce how twitter search works, part 2 #postgres #
  • magnus’ post on the conference: #
  • lightning talks are done! no more work for me today. #

twittering on 2008-10-08

  • Drink every time McCain says "my friends" #
  • Obbama looks strong, McCain asks for permission to speak. #
  • Just saw on fox audience asked if they agree McCain won on economy-less than 10ppl raise hands. Fast cut. Oops Fox! #current #
  • congrats @turoczy, sorry i missed the announcement earlier 🙂 #
  • OH: "people whose heads get stuck in pickle jars" #
  • @betsywhim Happy Birthday! 🙂 #
  • metro ethernet downtime pool starting now! #
  • @ahockley how about an even dozen? #
  • darn it. forgot to actually make a bet. #
  • @peggyolson you should have gone! #
  • grrrr. fedex submission screen ate my order. re-entering. #
  • RT @gorthx: Don’t miss “Hands on Perl 6” at tonight: #
  • thanks, @dietrich for arranging the Mozilla sponsorship of WhereCampPDX! #
  • @ramereth DRUPAL! #
  • @kscaldef I typed it! #

PostgreSQL Conference: Friday night dinner

taking shots
How to have fun, PostgreSQL-style

Those of you in town on Friday evening are welcome to join us at Paddy’s at 6pm for dinner:

Paddy’s Bar & Grill
65 SW Yamhill St
Portland, OR 97204

The reservation is under ‘Selena’, and we’ll be sitting in the front. The MAX runs directly in front of the restaurant.

Food is good – vegetarian-friendly, but not necessarily vegan or gluten-free. Those looking for those types of food options, let me know – there are actually excellent places nearby to eat, and you could join us a little later for socializing after a proper meal.

I’ll be directing those that want dinner at the Code Sprint over there – so I asked for 20 seats. Please comment or email me if you plan to attend, so that I can ask for more space if we fill up.

This isn’t a sponsored dinner – so we’ll all go dutch, unless a generous member of a company would like to sponsor us 🙂

I imagine several members of PDXPUG will be there. Can’t wait to see you all!

twittering on 2008-10-07

  • thank you awesome wherecamppdx sponsors! Check ’em out at #
  • thanks again @reidab for awesome graphics work on #wherecamppdx #
  • Popcicle, one of my chickens, ate a neighbor’s prized tomatoes. She is confined to the tractor today. Making lemon bars for neighbor. #
  • @mcauliflower do it! i took a walk at lunch yesterday. trying to soak up all the rays I can before the 4pm Darkness begins. #
  • @garethgreenaway lol different kind of tractor: #
  • @jnyp32 i gave her some stern looks. #
  • @karolcooks of course! my calendar is a disaster, i’ll email. #
  • @cfisk oh good idea! I did that with my cat when she was a baby. she still runs to me when i make the clicking noise 🙂 #
  • Thinking about going to #WhereCampPDX? Let us know on Upcoming: so we can plan for enough food! #
  • RT @cshirky: Twitter proposed as tool against voter supression: And wiki: #
  • Are you a member of PgUS? Take a look at who’s running for the board, and their platform statements:
  • Are you a member of PgUS? Take a look at who’s running for the board, and their platform statements: #
  • @SharonG Oregon == Openness! FTW! #