PgDay EU – Best conference ever?

PgEU conference Photo
Smiling, PostgreSQL-using conference goers

Anyone who went will likely tell you how much they enjoyed PGDay EU 2008. My biggest regret this year is that I was unable to attend.

Magnus Hagander’s Planet blog is still missing, so I’m blogging the link to his fabulous photos for him. If you see any pictures with missing names or labels, please let him know at magnus -at- hagander (dot) net.

This conference was once again led by Gabriele Bartolini, and a large supporting team – including the other board members of PgEU – Magnus Hagander, Jean-Paul Argudo and Andreas Scherbaum. PgEU (for those that don’t know) is a non-profit dedicated to promoting PostgreSQL in European nations. Next year, this conference will be held somewhere in France! Stay tuned to for details!


My favorite photo:
lolcats and greg stark

October is a month of many conferences


I just blogged about WhereCampPDX, and am enjoying a few days of quiet before heading out to Google for the Summer of Code Mentor’s summit this coming weekend.

I was so busy I didn’t have much time to blog about the PostgreSQL Conference West. It was great to see everyone, and I came away more sure than ever that PostgreSQL has the best developer and user community. We had so much fun, and I really enjoyed seeing the creative ways people are using PostgreSQL – for business (Proprietary to PostgreSQL), education (Visual Planner) and as a hobby (PL/LOLCODE).

WhereCampPDX was amazing! I had a couple fantastic conversations with Webb Sprague, a regular PostGIS presenter for PDXPUG and Portland PostgreSQL conferences. He’s interested in getting people together to talk about anthropology and tech, and how to better meet the needs of the people who will actually end up using disaster management software in a crisis. Look for a fabulous event from him this spring!

As far as GSOC, I’m hoping to take a lead role in this next year with Josh Berkus‘ help. He’s managed Summer of Code for at least two years, and has worked hard to match mentors and students, and we’ve ended up with several excellent contributions.

My plan for PostgreSQL is to start early on recruitment and project proposals, so that we have an excellent turnout next year. So, if you know of a project you want worked on, or know of students who would be good candidates – let’s get in touch now and start recruiting!

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  • have a great conference, all you postgres people headed to Prato, Italy! I’m totally jealous 🙂 #
  • thanks so much to Tri-met, Mozilla and Microsoft for sponsoring WhereCampPDX! #
  • have a friend that needs some help offloading html/CSS work – tight deadline; anyone game? DM me 🙂 #