OpenSQL Camp comes to Portland! November 14-15, 2009

I’m happy to announce that Portland, OR will be host to the next OpenSQL Camp, Portland. We’ll be holding it November 14-15, 2009.

Patterned after the first Open SQL camp held in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, in November 2008, we’re inviting any and all database practitioners (even the non-SQL, non-relational ones!) to join us for two days of deep database geeking.

To quote:

Attendees of this conference are mostly open source developers and end users/open source enthusiasts. The goal of this event is to spread the word about the vibrant communities and large ecosystems around Open Source Databases and to educate the attendees about what alternatives exist to commercial databases. It is a place where people come to learn, to participate and to contribute. In other words, it’s a great conference, and if you attend, it will be better.

And to quote Eric Day:

There are direct flights to Portland from many locations in the US, and the venue is
right off public transportation (train), so it should be convenient for everyone to get to.

We’ve decided on a place in Downtown Portland (which we’ll announce shortly), and are actively looking for sponsors to help fuel the camp. If you’re a database company, looking to connect with database hackers or just want to support the spread of database-fu, get in touch to sponsor OpenSQL Camp, Portland!

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