twittering on 2009-09-27

  • gonna make ONE MORE trip out to get brake pads for #crossbike. and a cable hanger. #alwaysforgettingsomething #
  • @SyntaxPolice nice work on the racing!! #
  • @SyntaxPolice no! i still don't have brakes fully put together on my bike. today, i finally have all the parts, so maybe next weekend? #
  • favorite phrase from 'community' (the sitcom): douche-ray vision. #
  • maiden voyage of #crossbike was awesome. sans front brake cuz my wrenches are too small :/ #
  • also, there was some kind of conspiracy involved with the lack of an 11mm wrench in this set. #
  • @richburroughs are prime numbers a tool of capitalist oppressors? #
  • animals to raise at home (popular mechanics!) #