PgCon 2011: PL/Summit notes

Thank you all who participated in the PL/Summit. We spent about 5 hours together for discussions about PLs, and then a few more hours at the pub.

Also, thank you to Dan who supported the meeting and provided pizza. And thanks to SPI for funding travel for several hackers that could not have made it to PgCon otherwise.

The rough notes from the meeting are at:

I put a few TODOs out there based on discussions, and for a reminder to myself to follow up with folks that had good ideas.

Here’s the TODOs:
* Publish code for PL/NULL – Tim
* Make a list of all the boilerplate code – Selena will send email to -hackers about it
* Set up a 1/2 day meeting at the next pgcon – Josh Berkus
* Set up a Skype session in a few months time to go over progress – Selena (Tim, Alvaro agreed to attend)
* Further discussion of DDL triggers – Jan Wieck
* Further discussion of permission system – Steve Singer
* Further discussion of per-statement config parameters for things like timezone – Jan Urbanski