Setting up a PDXAPI instance

Today I spent a little time setting up a PDXAPI instance of the CivicApps data. There are a few different tools out there for grabbing the data and loading it up, and so I’m documenting the basic steps here for setting up a spatial SQLite using @lokkju’s python projects.

hg clone pyspatialite

cd pyspatialite
mv setup.cfg.OSX setup.cfg
python build
sudo python install

cd ..
cd pyod

hg clone pyod

# unsatisfied dependency!
sudo easy_install pyyaml


This creates a 1 GB sqlite database called ‘test.sqlite’.

Next, I’ll be testing out loading this into a CouchDB instance and maybe playing with Max Ogden’s initial PostGIS export.

CivicIdeas for greater portland meetup May 27th, 6-8pm


CivicApps Ideas scheduled for Thursday, May 27th, at the Portland Building Auditorium is a two-hour discussion of ideas and datasets between data providers and citizens. As a precursor to the CiviCode Day Event, scheduled one week later at Open Source Bridge, this meeting is your chance to initiate the discussion surrounding your project ideas and data needs with others.

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