#PDX11: Community as competitive advantage

Here’s an edited version of Thompson Morrison’s presentation about the software industry’s response to a series of surveys. The original presentation is available here. One of the key slides was about what folks here value:

The point I appreciated about this clip is that Portland’s software community *is* our competitive advantage.

I edited the video most for audio coherence. Sorry about the audio being a little out of sync.

#PDX11: It’s alive!

Alright, PDX11 is alive!

Tonight’s the big software summit! If you didn’t already sign up, it’s going to be live streamed, and I’m sure there will be tons of tweets and blog posts after. PDX11 will have followup information, and announcements related to the next steps each group involved will be taking.

If you want to get a head start — sign up for the mailing lists!

For announcements: http://lists.pdx11.org/mailman/listinfo/pdx11-announce

For more information about today’s meeting (4:30pm at City Hall!) check out Mike Rogoway’s coverage: Portland wants to transform its software culture into an industry

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CivicIdeas for greater portland meetup May 27th, 6-8pm

From: http://civicapps.org/news/important-upcoming-events-civicapps

CivicApps Ideas scheduled for Thursday, May 27th, at the Portland Building Auditorium is a two-hour discussion of ideas and datasets between data providers and citizens. As a precursor to the CiviCode Day Event, scheduled one week later at Open Source Bridge, this meeting is your chance to initiate the discussion surrounding your project ideas and data needs with others.

Join us -> http://civicideas.eventbrite.com/