My Other Things

Audrey listed out her projects the other day, and I decided to follow suit:

  • PDXPUG – Portland PostgreSQL Users Group. I just spent the weekend with @markwkm and @gorthx at LinuxFest NW, a fantastic Linux conference. We met tons of people, made some new friends, and got a list of 15 people who want to be part of a new PostgreSQL User Group in Seattle! Also, there was a Tesla Coil. PDXPUG will host PGDay on July 20th, just before OSCON. It will be a day of talks, followed by a great party!
  • User Group Liaison, PostgreSQL Global Development Group – I’m running Our community is adding about 2 new user groups a month throughout the world. I’ve given 6 talks in the last month, and will be giving two talks about people and user groups at OSCON.
  • PgUS – The United States PostgreSQL Association. I am Director, Treasurer and chief Guerrilla Marketing Campaigner (self-assigned title).
  • Legion of Tech – Board member, and part of the Finance committee.
  • BarCamp Portland – Fundraising coordinator, and trying to set up a long-term repository for conference notes, audio and video. We’ve got hosting of a super fast server from the Open Source Lab. Now I just need to finish configuring the website!
  • Gardening. I really like gardening. I had great compost this spring from compostable food, chicken manure, lawn debris and dirt/grass we’d dug up from our front yard. We removed the last of the grass from the front yard, and I’m hoping to get some tomatoes up there soon.
  • Chickens. I keep two chickens in my backyard and they are each laying 1 egg/day.
  • ptop. I help hack on ptop, a postgresql monitoring tool written in C.
  • PerlMongers. I regularly attend the Portland Perl Mongers and recently gave a talk on PL/lolcode – a lolcode implementation for the stored procedure engine inside of PostgreSQL.
  • Code-n-splode. I helped found code-n-splode, a coding group dedicated to getting more women involved in programming.

What about you?