How to kill 4 chickens in 3 years

I had a great time at Ignite Portland 5 last night. There were seventeen other fantastic presenters, amazing volunteers and the always great Legion of Tech crew there to cheer us all on. Oh, and like 700 people in the crowd!

Thanks to everyone who helped me out on this presentation. Especially my husband, Scott, who really did volunteer for that slide.

Enjoy the slidecast below, with some audio commentary I recorded this morning ( FTW!) below. @linuxaid‘s video should be up soon!

And here’s @linuxaid’s video:

Bar Camp Portland: what a weekend!

I’m inspired.

I’m still buzzing from BarCampPortland. I loved every minute of it, and managed to learn a ton from all the amazing people in Portland. I met a ton of new people, and started several more projects 🙂

Over the course of two days, I ran two sessions. The first was about PostgreSQL:

We had a fantastic discussion, totally filled the room up with people curious about what PostgreSQL can do. We had several requests for MySQL -> PostgreSQL “rosetta stone” documentation.

The second session was How to raise or eat chickens sustainably:

We had an incredible conversation – ranging from getting and raising chickens for the first time, to digging up your lawn and planting food, to gentrification, to obsessive local eating.

I also attended these others: DSLR, Bikes and Geeks Collide, Project Management, My Other Thing, Women in Tech, and a session at WordCamp.

I think it’s finally time to go to sleep. Check out a ton of pictures. Thanks so much everyone who attended, led sessions and volunteered this weekend!

My Other Things

Audrey listed out her projects the other day, and I decided to follow suit:

  • PDXPUG – Portland PostgreSQL Users Group. I just spent the weekend with @markwkm and @gorthx at LinuxFest NW, a fantastic Linux conference. We met tons of people, made some new friends, and got a list of 15 people who want to be part of a new PostgreSQL User Group in Seattle! Also, there was a Tesla Coil. PDXPUG will host PGDay on July 20th, just before OSCON. It will be a day of talks, followed by a great party!
  • User Group Liaison, PostgreSQL Global Development Group – I’m running Our community is adding about 2 new user groups a month throughout the world. I’ve given 6 talks in the last month, and will be giving two talks about people and user groups at OSCON.
  • PgUS – The United States PostgreSQL Association. I am Director, Treasurer and chief Guerrilla Marketing Campaigner (self-assigned title).
  • Legion of Tech – Board member, and part of the Finance committee.
  • BarCamp Portland – Fundraising coordinator, and trying to set up a long-term repository for conference notes, audio and video. We’ve got hosting of a super fast server from the Open Source Lab. Now I just need to finish configuring the website!
  • Gardening. I really like gardening. I had great compost this spring from compostable food, chicken manure, lawn debris and dirt/grass we’d dug up from our front yard. We removed the last of the grass from the front yard, and I’m hoping to get some tomatoes up there soon.
  • Chickens. I keep two chickens in my backyard and they are each laying 1 egg/day.
  • ptop. I help hack on ptop, a postgresql monitoring tool written in C.
  • PerlMongers. I regularly attend the Portland Perl Mongers and recently gave a talk on PL/lolcode – a lolcode implementation for the stored procedure engine inside of PostgreSQL.
  • Code-n-splode. I helped found code-n-splode, a coding group dedicated to getting more women involved in programming.

What about you?