twittering on 2008-05-04

  • @markwkm it went great! got two contacts who want to do a podcast with me about switching from mysql to postgresql! #
  • @markwkm here are the notes from the "try Pg" talk: #
  • @xolotl i’ll check if your tshirt is still there today 🙂 #
  • hopping on my bike for the BIKES session this morning at #BarCampPortland – 10am #
  • @xolotl awesome! 🙂 #
  • @sarahgilbert — missed you yesterday at chickens & food discussion – here’s some notes: #
  • the SUN is insane! hopping on my bike to get to #barcampportland #
  • @muckp showing off – you online right now? #
  • created @bikehelppdx, stay tuned for crazy goodness! #
  • @notbenh link to custom field resources on wordpress #
  • @jasonglaspey #
  • @sharong because every good #BarCampPortland session results in a new WEB SERVICE! #
  • @JoannaK you have access to edit now! reload the schedule page and you should see Edit URLs that you can access #
  • @xolotl i think you want a large or a medium, not an XL shirt! please choose smaller 🙂 #
  • @xolotl i offered medium, but we were out. i hope you still owe me a drink, anyway. #
  • @chrispitzer #
  • @chrispitzher oops – try this: #

Bar Camp Portland: what a weekend!

I’m inspired.

I’m still buzzing from BarCampPortland. I loved every minute of it, and managed to learn a ton from all the amazing people in Portland. I met a ton of new people, and started several more projects 🙂

Over the course of two days, I ran two sessions. The first was about PostgreSQL:

We had a fantastic discussion, totally filled the room up with people curious about what PostgreSQL can do. We had several requests for MySQL -> PostgreSQL “rosetta stone” documentation.

The second session was How to raise or eat chickens sustainably:

We had an incredible conversation – ranging from getting and raising chickens for the first time, to digging up your lawn and planting food, to gentrification, to obsessive local eating.

I also attended these others: DSLR, Bikes and Geeks Collide, Project Management, My Other Thing, Women in Tech, and a session at WordCamp.

I think it’s finally time to go to sleep. Check out a ton of pictures. Thanks so much everyone who attended, led sessions and volunteered this weekend!

twittering on 2008-05-03

  • #barcampportland AGENDA and NOTES site: #
  • @sarahgilbert @karolcooks sustainability, chickens, food talk is at 4pm SATURDAY 5/3/08 #
  • BIKES talk is at 10 AM Sunday!!! #
  • at the green dragon, drinking spire dark cider #
  • working on barcamp drupal site. have a stupid broken view. #
  • OMG. this module is storing dates in seconds since the epoch. WTF #
  • @schwern what timezone are those seconds in? #
  • @schwern if there was a proper time type, no need to ask silly questions like that. looking at the data would tell me right away #
  • this is so broken. #
  • @schwern ok, that helps. i still don’t know what is wrong. it seems like a timezone issue – filtering is not working. presentation layer… #
  • @schwern appears correct, so i assumed a timezone issue. now, i have no idea. #
  • ugh. i can’t fix this. #
  • ok. i gave up. and then i figured it out. feeling extremely dumb. #
  • and also, victorious! #
  • ok going to bed #
  • @gchaix i’ll be there in a few.. could user your help 🙂 #
  • on my way to #BarCampPortland! #
  • in My Other Thing session at #barcampportland #
  • @thisKat i’m here too! #
  • paraphrase of @verso: all user group ppl ask same question: where are the people to make the business side of tech business ideas work #
  • @thesethings — looking good 🙂 i’m attending sessions #
  • @selenamarie yes!! #
  • @thesethings i am so tired i am tweeting to myself #
  • @EvaCatHerder good point! although i’m not running a business in the sense that i get any money for it 🙂 #
  • @markwkm are you coming in for the postgres talk at 11am! you better hurry. jeff is on his way 🙂 #
  • @mhalligan good point! but we do need business people! separation of concerns… #
  • @tmagee #
  • @mhalligan i can ask easystreet who they used. the print quality was really good! #

twittering on 2008-05-02

  • headed to county cork for #drunkgeeking. any php people in NE want to join me? #
  • @brampitoyo you totally crack me up. #
  • ooh. i need access to bacondesk so that i can document xkcd’s baconness #
  • any CSS wizards got time this morning for a #BarCampPortland styling project? need about 1hr for pointers, then i can implement. #
  • @webchick thx for your patches to crosstable view. saving my bacon today. #
  • riding bike into work. #
  • @petdance 69 love songs, volumes 1 thru 3 #
  • OMG new PL/LOLCODE release kthxbye #
  • @brampitoyo bike gallery is fairly close – SW 10th and salmon #
  • @ryanwi preach it! unix FTW! #
  • @samnagle: thanks for the slayer props. @garethgreenaway: was stressed, now feeling really good. barcampportland FTW! #
  • happy real birthday @xolotl! #
  • switching from slayer to sleater kinney #
  • @spinnerin does talk out loud podcast their shows after the fact? #
  • @grigs SEEN IT. 😉 #
  • @Silona @geekygirldawn sounds good! weds/thurs looking good for me. #
  • @verso thx for the heads up! #
  • coder’s summer social will be happening Sunday, August 3rd at Laurelhurst park! more details next week!!! #

twittering on 2008-05-01

  • Can’t. No comp til morn #
  • sleepy. headed to bed to get up early tomorrow! #
  • @xolotl drupal is definitely NOT holding up my pants. happy birthday! #
  • @xolotl oh ok. at least you didn’t rickroll me. #
  • @Seeger my mistake – @xolotl’s birthday isn’t until tomorrow. corresponds with no pants day. #
  • @xolotl whoa. twinsight! #
  • Retweeting @ravenzachary: Still looking for more BarCamp Portland volunteers. More info here: #
  • i hate mediawiki markup #
  • @linuxpoet drama! #
  • wishing i could attend gonna be at the beach instead! #
  • i love transactions. #
  • @rebekahgolden join us! it’ll be fun 😉 #
  • @rebekahgolden damn! i wish i could make it to drupalcamp. barcamp is unstructured-this is my first one, so i’ll let you know how i like it #
  • @karolcooks i don’t have a time yet — will be determined on friday night. #
  • @karolcooks i’ll txt you with the time when i get one! #
  • slayer is kind of relaxing. #
  • @reidab GOOD LUCK! #
  • @Seeger i’m interested. where’d you hear that? #
  • @Seeger well, i will watch with interest. been kinda skeptical about their bus. model, but sad to see them fail. #
  • @karolcooks ohhh man. we will have to talk about this over drinks sometime! #
  • @karolcooks i love me some orange chicken! #
  • @zrusilla which cat? #