twittering on 2008-05-22

  • @gorthx happy birthday! #
  • @br3nda i don’t! but i will see if i can track one down here. #
  • i may have gotten one twitter convert this evening. pg folks keep asking me how it is different from IRC. i ask them where the RSS feed is. #
  • @SharonG you crazy! #
  • @PortlandPolice might be into this postgres talk – – if they were into that sort of thing. #
  • @markwkm i love cutting my own mats. #
  • @petdance whatevs! excuses! #
  • @Crad I’m going to use that one tomorrow! #
  • so sleepy. @Crad: you’re on! c u in the morning. #
  • Headed out 4 breakfast #pgcon #
  • watching bruce momjian give the keynote at #pgcon #
  • if you’re interested in more #pgcon coverage, follow @crad, @franciscojunior and @fuzzychef #
  • there were 26 people at the postgresql developer meeting yesterday, many of whom have been part of the project for 7 years or more #pgcon #
  • in andrew sullivan’s talk about postgresql development and project management #
  • lots of software development is about taste. so arguments happen about ‘ugly code’ #pgcon #
  • alan cox: by the time the code is written you already need the feature. OSS is always late! (OLS keynote from 1999) #pgcon #
  • just got info for a cool postgres community announcement, more this afternoon! #
  • a. sullivan sez postgresql core code is good, good ansi compliance and good code review (although we need more reviewers!) #pgcon #
  • “postgresql is code with a bald spot, it’s getting old!” a. sullivan #pgcon #
  • “postgres needs users…” some companies are willing to implement features that we may not want, but lots of users want them #pgcon #
  • wishing @eggyknap could be in ottawa! you could be giving me a lolcode tutorial on all the new features 😉 #
  • if we started the pgsql-roadmap mailing list, it would be a flamewar #pgcon #
  • part of what makes the project is good is that flamewars are avoided – maybe because we avoid big, vague feature discussions #pgcon #
  • @fuzzychef oh, it’s not so bad! better tools!! #
  • in horizontal scalability with postgresql by jack orenstein from Hitachi #pgcon #
  • talk is about a fixed content storage system, HCAP, originally created by Archivas #
  • @Crad great minds think alike 😉 #
  • jack’s architecture overview slide says “not drawn to scale” #pgcon #
  • @aurynn that is some serious twinsight! 😉 #
  • @aurynn wish you were here at pgcon. i’ve been chatting with others about how twitter has filled a void many of us have had re: peers #
  • @Crad @fuzzychef you should all follow @hashtags and mark your tweets with #pgcon #
  • @Crad @fuzzychef then your posts will show up here #
  • in susanne ebrecht’s “what postgresql could learn from mysql” talk #pgcon #
  • how did mysql get market share? early versions available on windows, great interoperability with PHP #pgcon #
  • loving the eierlegende wollmilchsau in susanne’s slides #pgcon #
  • @theory OMG. i never realized @petdance was trying to be a moose. *slapping forehead* #
  • i don’t agree that marketing is an attempt to sell bugs as features 😉 #pgcon #
  • in synchronous log shipping replication by ITAGAKI Takahiro #pgcon #
  • had a great convo with @decibel about tracking user questions and problems on pgsql-general and the irc channel #
  • oh cool! the NTT guys are talking about releasing their log shipping tools as open source modules for postgresql #pgcon #
  • @xolotl try #
  • in magnus hagander’s talk #pgcon #
  • Retweeting @amyrsward: WomenWhoTech Portland Potluck Picnic in the Park! 6/22, 11 – 2. Mark your calendars, ladies! #
  • used PHP for because you can totally ignore encodings #pgcon #
  • @verso you totally can! i wish they had an upcoming event instead of facebook, but maybe we can just put it in the Calagator 😉 #
  • doesn’t map email addresses, but you can search on full names from the email headers #pgcon #
  • @amyrsward is it cool if we put the event in the calagator? #
  • @theory yeah, they are broken. but i think that there are too many pages that are broken to bother fixing it. #
  • @theory but we’re volunteers! 😉 #
  • lightning talks were awesome!! #pgcon going to enterprisedb party shortly. #

PgCon Lightning talk: User Groupalooza

I gave a Lightning talk today about PostgreSQL User Groups. I wasn’t able to get through ALL my slides – but I only had to rush through the last three. (click on the cat below to download – 5MB)

splash for user group talk

Lightning talks are some of my favorite sessions. I got to announce the incorporation of PostgreSQL-EU! We had a talk about DBIx::Cache (which you should all check out!), a cool open source lab in Japan that Hiroshi Saito works for (only for Japanese, but very cool), Gavin Roy talked about Staplr and a new benchmarking tool called Playr that was just released on Thursday, and six more talks! We hope to publish the rest of the slides shortly.

At PgCon in Ottawa, Day 1

Oops, this got published early. I’ll be updating this shortly.. probably over lunch.

Magnus posted some photos already!

Summary of last night:

We had a great time last night at the pub for registration, and then over to the Yahoo! party. We had fun talking databases, beer, and the difficulty in trying to understand Australian accents. I learned from Tom (not Tom Lane) that Adelaide, Australia has a fantastic wine-growing region. Alvarro once again recommended that Jeff commit his time interval data type. I think Jeff was convinced to do this for 8.4. Now I have to update the documentation!

PgCon in Ottawa – following people on twitter

I’m in Ottawa at PgCon and listening to Bruce Momjian give the keynote.

We have a few people who’ve joined Twitter in the last couple months and are posting their thoughts through the conference. Try following @crad, @fuzzychef, @franciscojunior and @selenamarie (me) for our up-to-the-minute updates!

I’ll be giving a lightning talk this afternoon around 5:30pm about user groups and PostgreSQL.

twittering on 2008-05-20

  • voting… #
  • nearly ready to leave for work… #
  • happy birthday @linuxpoet! #
  • @thesethings what a bummer! (ubuntu live being cancelled) #
  • CSI via @mherrick66 just announced NEDSS, a public health information network project – uses PostgreSQL! #
  • here’s the press release: #
  • happy birthday @adamd! you and @linuxpoet have the same birthday 😀 #
  • @xolotl is so persuasive! #
  • @acquia should listen to him! #
  • loving that @PortlandPolice is an equestrian. #
  • @ahockley check out updates to proposal! #
  • @eddieawad is there no data type for a sequence in oracle? #
  • @acquia pls don’t tweet restricted posts! make ’em public! kthxbye. #
  • @muckp no kidding! #
  • @spinnerin i’m wracking my brain! i wonder about conway? in NW portland? also PSU? through a grad student union… #
  • meh. i miss twitter. #
  • getting ready for PgCon in Ottawa. going home to pack. #

twittering on 2008-05-19

  • testing out greg’s nagios plugin for postgresql – #
  • tried out new “only check email twice a day” strategy. got all email answered in 20 minutes. doing this from now on. #
  • @jasonglaspey it might 😉 i’m leaving it on while i’m doing stuff that doesn’t require much concentration – like nagios config. BO-RING. #
  • @garethgreenaway chocolate covered bacon is SO RIGHT! #
  • @womenwhotech thx! 🙂 #

twittering on 2008-05-16

  • getting ready for a nice bike ride downtown. #
  • @Theory good one. ;D #
  • @spinnerin GO SHOPPING! #
  • @jabancroft competition in and between healthy communities is welcomed and fun – positive friction that encourages creativity, innovation #
  • at pdx and downloading Pg 8.3.1 and pl/lolcode for on-plane entertainment. #
  • @Theory he doesn’t have a full-text feed? 🙁 #
  • frustrated by truncated feeds. another reason why having them truncated for planet postgresql is dumb. #