twittering on 2008-07-15

  • going for coffee! #
  • @jpargudo you’re right! I should start in on the wine… #
  • wondering how i’m going to get all this done. #
  • replication alert! RT @jpargudo: OMFG Markus released Postgres-R ( ?!! Damm I should read pgsql-hackers… #
  • @jabancroft jamba holla! #
  • Don’t forget to sign up for July 20th PgDay (just before OSCON @ the Conv. Ctr! I’m almost out of XL shirts πŸ™‚ Form here: #
  • @jfroebe works for me.. 16k lines in the patch #
  • cracking up at @verso’s chris crocker impression. #
  • @karolcooks also much good luck at BBQ contest. i’ll sample if you bring it over for BBQ πŸ™‚ #
  • starving! #
  • #drupal peeps: anyone interested in friendly RoR, Django, Drupal competition? contest is to make a cookbook app – #
  • @xolotl sounds like it πŸ™‚ plus the normal distractions: crowd, alcohol, typing on the big screen #
  • @mhalligan haven’t been following afterparty buzz, too busy trying to finish slides πŸ™ #
  • @xolotl July 23, competition is from 8:15-9p at Cubespace! #
  • @xolotl bummer! #
  • @br3nda sad you won’t be here πŸ™ #
  • Retweeting @kveton: Going to OSCON? Here on Thursday? Come to Beerforge III! Drinks are on Vidoop! #

twittering on 2008-07-10

  • RT @br3nda: yay!! the openid session fixation bug means the postgres distinct patch is finally in drupal stable! #
  • @ramareth you rock! bike commuting rules. #
  • @lokkju nokia’s acquisition of Trolltech (creators of Qt) may make this a reality. #
  • playing with tweet deck, fixing a tricky sql query #
  • @turoczy cool idea! i wonder if #PDXCritique and Legion of Talk could team up? #
  • trying to add a group in @TweetDeck, but realizing it isn’t getting a full list of who I’m following πŸ™ #
  • @danblaker i was just talking with a friend about road-rage. bike commuting has made driving infrequent, and amusing. sad how angry ppl get. #
  • @paigedestroy that’s awesome news! #
  • figuring out transportation from JFK to manhattan tomorrow #
  • @lokkju interesting theory! πŸ™‚ perhaps road rage would mostly go away if we stopped riding our bikes then? πŸ˜‰ #
  • just got my confirmation and placement for 2 weeks of spanish immersion in guanajauto!! #
  • @elein way cool about Pandora! #

PDXPUG Day on July 20 – Register now!

pgday 2007

photo courtesy of Dan Browning

Registration for PDXPUG Day on July 20, 2008 is open! Please sign up and let us know what size t-shirt you’d like. We’re requesting a $20 donation (by cash or check) at the door. All proceeds to to Software in the Public Interest, a 501(c)3 organization that is used to fund PostgreSQL advocacy.

Registration for OSCON is not required to attend.

Registering also gets you in the door at the Gotham Tavern, our after-party location close to the convention center!

Our line-up of talks includes:

PostgreSQL Unit Testing with pgTAP – David Wheeler
Inside the PostgreSQL Shared Buffer Cache – Greg Smith
Muldis D – Portable Databases At Full Power – Darren Duncan
A Streaming Database Talk – Rafael J. FernÑndez-Moctezuma
Using GLORP to connect Squeak Smalltalk to PostgreSQL – RandalSchwartz
Fighting Disease with PostgreSQL Full Text Search and JRuby on Rails – Mike Herrick
All Your GIS Are Belong to You – Abe Gillespie
What’s PgUS – Joshua Drake

Sign up today!

twittering on 2008-07-09

  • @jabancroft i’m glad you want to participate! so many people try to get out of jury duty. i WANT to be picked. but never have been. #
  • @anildash says the great thing about hotel lobby bars are that there are plenty of napkins to draw on πŸ™‚ from #
  • @thisKat ugh! that sucks. i meant to say this to @grigs yesterday – rule of thumb is two falls, and then you don’t fall anymore. #
  • @KathySierra based on my research into Margarita Bike Tours: drunk but motivated participants #
  • checking out proofs for a hot new mountain bike advocacy site. coming soon! #
  • @karolcooks mmmmm. onion rings. #
  • idea: have a basic bike handling skills class a la ‘cross training to teach new bike commuters how to commute safely in the city. who’s in? #
  • @gchaix riding over obstacles, proper turning&signaling, looking over your shoulder without swerving, proper swerving, brake maintenance #
  • @gchaix riding in a pack – how to do it, when to drop back, ettiquette – typical bad car/bike interactions, stopping&dismounting quickly… #
  • @gchaix simple tricks for maintaining balance, making sharp&tight turns, and how to make yourself as visible as possible day&night #
  • @gchaix difference between this and other commuting clinics is that ppl bring their bikes to a grassy park, and try out all the techniques #
  • @gorthx TOTALLY. i was hoping that you would be an instructor!!! #
  • @gorthx coworker just offered to be an instructor as well. thought: have a couple instructors, and leaders who can pair up with new riders.. #
  • @gorthx after OSCON! #
  • @RobotAdam i’ll set up an informal signup, and tweet that tomorrow! if we get 15 ppl, that’d be plenty! #
  • afraid that the new meme will reduce @theory’s Ò–ˆÒ–ˆÒ–ˆÒ–ˆ quotient. #

twittering on 2008-07-08

  • @verso will post brownie recipe l8r! what about chocolate chip cookies? have ancient recipe for those. #
  • headed home on the bike #
  • just finished delish bagel, sipping coffee, dumping brain into spreadsheet. #
  • had another heron scare this morning. turns out, it was some other really big bird casting a shadow over the chicken coop. #
  • @turoczy, @dariusmonsef great community post! thank you! everyone, check it out: #
  • @dariusmonsef i especially like the “open border policy” & “cities grow”. pdx user groups do this. will mention your post in my OSCON talks. #
  • @theory CC-licensing on Flickr FTW! same happened with photos scoots and i took of the obama rally – local union contacted us & used ’em. #
  • @brianaker glad you’re coming to PgDay! #
  • @muckp regarding goog reader not having direct links — friendfeed lets you link directly to them. finally considering friendfeed useful. #
  • @eggyknap love that they’re doing that. would like to hear how it turns out. u going? (wrt GR comment #
  • @grigs sorry to hear about the spill! hopefully your bike is still rideable. #
  • @rorowe sorry to hear that. i hope it works out. #
  • Retweeting @TiEsQue: Reservations now available for the next Legion of Talk: Mark Shuttleworth! #
  • oooh linkedIn is launching a searchable directory. finally! #
  • (searchable directory, for GROUPS!) #
  • Retweeting @xolotl: looking for an awesome, flexible copywriter who knows tech and more? DM @xolotl for details #

twittering on 2008-07-03

  • new music alert: digging tegan and sara this morning. #
  • happy to hear @eggyknap got his microcontroller simulator working. midi-organ-hacking rules! even happier to hear PL/LOLCODE got some tlc #
  • @jasonglaspey ugh! no fun. hope it heals quickly. #
  • @mcauliflower i think my mom should have a recipe immortalized for her delicious heart-stopping superbowl dip. best eaten with ruffles. #
  • @plasticbagUK wall-e is fun. just saw it this weekend. you’ll enjoy it. #