twittering on 2009-10-15

Kicking off Open Source Bridge planning

Starting the rodeo rumors now...

Starting the rodeo rumors now...

We’re kicking off the planning for Open Source Bridge 2010, old school. We’ve got a mailing list that you should subscribe to:

Last year’s organizing team was very structured. I like to think that we managed things well, and our attendees were pleased with the results.

But, this time – we’re changing how we manage things.

We’re letting everyone in on our planning process! So, if you enjoyed Open Source Bridge last year, and want to see it be a success this year, join our mailing list now, and see if you can lend us a hand.


Photo courtesy of FirstBaptistNashville, via a Creative Commons license

twittering on 2009-10-14

  • @magnushagander awww. 🙂 #
  • i <3 savepoints #
  • @FallenPegasus haha yes. in reply to FallenPegasus #
  • would be cool to know when people turn certain music tracks up. or 4 my music player to use that info to prefer tracks for *me*. #
  • RT @caseorganic: Keeping your phone charger unplugged for a year saves as much energy as skipping a single hot bath. #
  • putting cute pictures of goats into this presentation #bucardo #postgres #
  • PSA: check '$?' when you want to know a return code value, cuz that's what nagios cares about. not text returned by plugins. #
  • its like the sun is coming out just for my bike ride downtown. #osbridge #

twittering on 2009-10-13

twittering on 2009-10-12

  • gave in and wore a jacket today. it's cold outside! #
  • RT @rebastiality 'git init': a demure repo with a .git dir and a checkout. 'git init –bare': rock out with no checkout […] #
  • "It is time to recognise how odd and counter-productive is the optimism on which we have grown up." Alain de Botton #
  • @Theory kill firefox 😉 #
  • @i2pi hate that. but screen – FTW! in reply to i2pi #
  • it just feels like today was 1 million hours long already. #
  • Hmmm. Waiting for haircut, trying to find a chess opponent for a quick game. Failing. #
  • hair is cut: #
  • @pdxsucks step 1: don't tweet about it until after dessert. #

Weekly tweet digest for 2009-10-11

  • User Group Idea: the after-party (blogging again): #
  • reviewing #postgres patches for #commitfest is srsly fun. #
  • wow, my contigo mug lid broke today, and i can get a replacement for $5. ftw! #
  • @paigesaez haha. nice. #
  • @lawduck i'm in. #
  • @unifex use single quotes around Silver. #
  • whew. long day. #
  • RT @Mark_Antony: RT @maslett New post – The Open Source Initiative’s corporate status is suspended: a CAOS Theory Q&A #
  • gosh i forgot about helium. mary timony makes me want to live in nyc. #
  • @christiekoehler glad you're safe! #
  • @abrichar belated congrats on the new gig 🙂 #
  • @samkeen AWESOME! #
  • @jasonmauer you could have at least gotten me one. #
  • @singh_gurjeet do you have the email msgid for the patch you sent? #
  • @jasonmauer o rly? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! i don't know about buying you a scone though. i guess they have that 'bike thru' thing now. #
  • @jasonmauer tell you what, you meet me on your bike at 5pm @nedspace, and i'll ride over to hawthorne burgerville & get u a scone. #
  • @petereisentraut probably just rebranding… in reply to petereisentraut #
  • RT @pdxruby:Meeting tonight at 7pm: @puppetmasterd's parser generators & external DSLs, Duncan's map projections, etc: #
  • RT @Marsee: Dexter-themed interior decor via Makezine. (Not for you blood squeamish types.) #
  • just made a g&t appointment with @gorthx #
  • Making pizza #
  • just booked flights for JPUG conference! #
  • not going to this one -Oct 23 & 24 in Campinas/SP RT @kwast: 3ª Conferência Brasileira de PostgreSQL, ajude a divulgar! #
  • @e_monty i'm thinking next year 🙂 #
  • @jfroebe i am SO EXCITED about JPUG. 🙂 #
  • @lawduck lolz i want to join just because of that hashtag #helpmeiamstupid #
  • @dukeleto it was a valiant effort. #
  • OH: "rebastiality" #
  • OH: "rebastiality" #git #
  • @reidab i love that website. #
  • today, is very silly. #
  • RT @ramereth: haha, i love how @rebastiality has now born within an hour #git #
  • RT @rebastiality: PROTIP: If you've got active repo partners,'pull' with a '–rebase' BEFORE you 'push' to enjoy mergeless commits together. #
  • RT @bytebot: Register for #fossmy TODAY – free netbooks people, FREE! #
  • RT @brokep: I will drop some really interesting news surrounding #tpb at around 16.30-17.00 today. I will then send a link to a blog post. #
  • @funkatron awesome! we're having a org meeting next week. updates will follow. had a couple wrinkles, and are regrouping. #
  • the End Point website got a facelift 🙂 #
  • London stock exchange dumps windows for linux: (hat tip to @eggyknap) #
  • yes! RT @EvaCatHerder: Tasty Waffle-of-Happiness #pdxbreakfast w/@lawduck, @selenamarie, @dietrich, @caseorganic & @rabbidavid. #
  • i <3 @rebastiality #
  • @eday that makes my day! LOL #
  • RT @dukeleto: #pdx hackathon is tonight: #shenanigans #
  • @GeorgeReese from the Finder? use command-shift-G #
  • We have 83 people signed up for @opensqlcamp (Nov 13-15) in Portland, OR. Only space for 120 people! Sign up today! #
  • headed over to the lucky lab early for this evening's hackathon. #
  • @dukeleto dude. where are you? #
  • Just read about @lift, love their mission statement: #
  • To change your (or your users/learners/citizens) behavior, never underestimate the power of… fun (via @KathySierra) #
  • dear switch, you can't hide from me. love, selena #
  • @magnushagander ? ??????! #
  • hanging at Ristretto with @mildwail #
  • @magnushagander ??????? ?? ???, ??? ???????, ??? ?? ?? ?????? ??????????? Google-???????? in reply to magnushagander #
  • reheating delish stew for supper. #
  • experiencing coffee outage. fixing! #
  • i need a cookie jar. #
  • dinner will be tortellini and leftover red sauce from pizza earlier this week. and then: making cookies. #