twittering on 2009-10-21

  • uneventful travel, followed by good conversation. now time to call it a day. #
  • headed off to second meeting of the day. hoping for bacon. (kicking off the mentoring book sprint!) #
  • getting a tour of from Adam Hyde #gsoc #
  • waiting for @dukeleto to share his git repo for our notes. #gsoc #
  • looking forward to the next iteration of flossmanuals: booki! #gsoc #
  • So, what do you think are the features of FLOSS culture that distinguish it from other cultures? (i'm writing a book chapter!) #
  • @edaypdx yeah, like those keywords – transparency, directness, peer review in reply to edaypdx #
  • @edavis10 yes — although not sure i agree with 'everyone as equals'.. i typically see hierarchy, although not always explicit in reply to edavis10 #
  • so full of indian food. #
  • OH: Typewriter manufacturers all over the world are going to gang up on me now! #
  • @robertmhaas LOL! in reply to robertmhaas #
  • @dlangille yes, indeed! in reply to dlangille #
  • .@skud also see @gorthx & my's 'running a successful user group' talk from OSCON 2008 – #
  • what we're working on:, my contribution so far: #gsoc #
  • OH: "It's like drinking a salad!" #
  • @thesethings no, bloody marys. in reply to thesethings #
  • discussing barriers to student participation, and setting expectations for success #gsoc #docsprint #
  • whew, done for now. more editing after dinner! #gsoc #

twittering on 2009-10-20

  • trying to avoid tech event collisions is hard work. #
  • @leandrod huh. i found the salary info to be interesting – nearly equal at high levels, but big disparity at entry points, mid-level. in reply to leandrod #
  • i <3 #
  • @turoczy 2? #
  • RT @gchaix: PDX food cards gone horribly horribly wrong: #
  • headed to PDX -> SJC #
  • reviewing backup routines, waiting for replication sets to finish syncing. free wireless @PDX rocks. #
  • RT @neil_conway: O'Reilly Radar article on our recent MapReduce Online work: #

twittering on 2009-10-19

  • @turoczy happy birthday ๐Ÿ™‚ #
  • until this morning, i actually did not know what 'natch' meant. thanks urban dictionary! #
  • @snaga hah! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ it's definitely fun working with colleagues living in Philly, Louisiana, Utah and NYC every day. in reply to snaga #
  • @petdance heh. #8 got me. in reply to petdance #
  • @caseorganic consider flying to a border town and driving over. in reply to caseorganic #
  • sad i won't be in town! RT @lawduck: Veganocracy rules this week for #pdxbreakfast – Tin Shed, Thursday, 8:30 am: #
  • @snaga will I see you at the PostgreSQL Conference in Tokyo next month? I can share what I've learned working w/ very distributed team. in reply to snaga #
  • @darkixion no, was for a long time, but now i'm vegetarianish. #
  • RT @lhawthorn: report from the #NCWIT on Women in IT. DATA. If you think there's no problem, you might be surprised. #
  • from : Nearly half of women say mentoring would help retain technical employees #
  • from "women & men say they would hire ppl w/rรฉsumรฉs w/male names rather than female even tho identical" #
  • from men report finding more informal opportunities than women (82% vs 62%) formalize to help fix. #
  • @stewartsmith study was US-specific, so hard to say. anecdotally – i hear similar things from UK/AU; less so India/Phillipines/EU #
  • re: hack girls – yahoo! developer network has been incredibly supportive of diversity initiatives. good people, doing good things. #
  • heh. RT @stewartsmith: wants to magically be transported to Portland for @OpenSQLCamp #

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