Two talks at MySQL Conf done! Slides…

Just finished my last talk. Slides are downloadable here, and also embedded after the break.

MySQL Conf – Managing Terabytes

Own it: Working with a changing open source community

The floor show is closed, so no more booth work tomorrow. I’ve had a great time here talking with people and seeing my colleagues in the PostgreSQL and MySQL community.

Looking forward to getting some hacking time in tomorrow and enjoying an evening connecting with people instead of working on slides. 🙂

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Explaining MVCC in Postgres: system defined columns

I’m playing around with some diagrams for explaining MVCC that I’ll be posting here over the next few days. Not sure if I’ll end up giving up on slides and just use a whiteboard for the talk. I made an illustrated shared buffers deck to go along with Greg Smith’s excellent talk on shared buffers a while back. This is the beginning of a talk that I hope will emulate that.

Here are my first few slides, showing the system-defined columns. The next few slides will describe optimizations PostgreSQL has for managing the side effects of our pessimistic rollback strategy, and reducing IO during vacuuming and index updates.

ptop – the talk

ptop slide1

Check out the slides from my ptop talk. I was very happy with the end result of the presentation. I had a few people talk to me about the project afterward, including the author of innotop, a perl-based monitoring tool for MySQL. I’m sure we can steal some ideas from that project!

I haven’t gotten much done with ptop since I’ve been back. I’ll have some time after LUG Radio Live!