PL Developer Summit at PgCon, May 21!

UPDATE: We have 18 PLs. Added to the list from comments. ๐Ÿ™‚

Youโ€™re probably aware that PostgreSQL supports a few procedural languages, PL/PgSQL being the most well-known for compatibility with Oracleโ€™s PL/SQL.

Interest in PostgreSQL Procedural Languages (PLs) has grown significantly in the last few years and so PgCon is hosting a special PL summit on Saturday May 21, 2011.

Did you know that there are 17 other procedural languages are currently implemented?

  1. PL/Tcl and PL/Tclu
  2. PL/Perl and PL/Perlu
  3. PL/Python and PL/Pythonu
  4. PL/Ruby
  5. PL/Java
  6. PL/Lua
  8. PL/Js
  9. PL/Proxy
  10. PL/PHP
  11. PL/sh
  12. PL/R
  13. PL/Parrot
  14. PL/scheme
  15. PL/Perl6
  16. PL/PSM
  17. PL/XSLT

And we have at least one proprietary PL from EnterpriseDB:

We invite PL developers, PostgreSQL core hackers, those interested in future PL development and PgCon attendees interested in learning more to attend!

Before we decided to create this summit, I put together a survey for PL developers. All survey respondents wanted a summit to happen!

The most popular topics were:

  • Postgres PL Interface Improvements
  • Connecting with other PL developers
  • New features in PLs
  • Hacking together
  • State of PLs
  • Distributions and builds
  • PG9.1 extensions vs PL languages
  • Security (pl vs plu)
  • PGXN

The most popular PLs were:

  • PL/PgSQL
  • PL/Perl
  • PL/Python
  • PL/R

The summit is open to attendees of PgCon and special guests. Please RSVP and help set the agenda.

The agenda and any results of the summit will be published on the wiki.

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  1. Anyone wants to work on PL/Erlang?

    Minimum implementation would have to allow for calling out to erlang from a trigger, a kind of enhanced or specialized listen/notify.

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